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Featured Bike – Pivot Mach 429


When designing the Mach 429, we developed something truly special-a bike that outperforms everything else its category. Anyone who has ridden a 29er hardtail knows these bikes provide instant acceleration, and roll over just about anything. Unfortunately, in rough, long events or even just your typical trail ride, there is a price to be paid for all that hardtail goodness. Enter the full-suspension Mach 429. It can go from the racecourse to the trail, and give up nothing in between. Using designs from Chris Cocalis and dw-link(R) designer Dave Weagle, the Mach 429 accelerates, descends, climbs and corners unlike any other 29er on the market. It takes the best of both worlds, and delivers a fun and efficient rig that’ll have you smiling and winning.

The Mach 429 is designed from the ground up to deliver on the promise of ultimate efficiency and unsurpassed performance from its 29″ wheels. This isn’t just marketing speak, but a completely new 29er full-suspension design that truly is the next level in the category, and here’s why:

The dw-link(R)

The dw-link(R) suspension design brings something very special to the 29er world that other bikes just cannot deliver. Simply put: you pedal, it goes. The Mach 429 accelerates with the authority of the lightest, stiffest hardtail, but with traction and control that no hardtail (or any other 29er full-suspension bike for that matter) can match. The 429 is a bike that just puts a smile on your face as you get out of the saddle and get on the gas to sprint out of a corner or attack a short steep climb. Some of our customers and dealers have said it’s like cheating. We have heard that you can ride two gears higher (not our words), and that the acceleration is very much like a 26″. The best way to describe it is that the bike is fast and super fun, which is really what it’s all about.

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